With over three decades of unrivaled experience in Accounting and Auditing, we are dedicated to empowering small business owners like you.

Helping small to medium sized businesses with updated reports and financial statements on how their business is perforiming in order to make informed decisions.

My venture into Annique Rooibos dates back to 2001 when I sought to bring balance to my life. At that time, I was engrossed in the demanding world of accountancy. I yearned for a change that not only offered a different path but also allowed me to make a meaningful impact while creating an additional source of income. My journey commenced by personally experiencing the benefits of our products and sharing these remarkable results with my close-knit circle of family and friends. Fast forward to 2018, I made the resolute decision to qualify for the overseas incentive trip to Alaska.  Since then, my Annique Business has flourished, and I’ve had the privilege of enjoying three Overseas Incentive trips.

Today I recruit and train Consultants to start and grow their own health and beauty business, managing a team of over 300 Annique Rooibos Consultants.


If you need more information on how I can help you to grow your own business feel free to Contact us.